Where Should I Meet You?


Where Should I Meet You? :: Now Booking for a House Concert + Watercolor Workshop TourHello friends and family!

This week has been filled with inspiration- from playing Bourbon & Branch with the wonderful Letitia VanSant and Jackson Emmer to the opening of my first collection and single release WAVZ at Urban Art Gallery. Including performing at cozy house show in Mt. Airy, sharing watercolor projections and music at the Barnes and being interviewed on iHeart Radio, these past few weeks have been spectacular. Performing and showing up to lots of events has helped me to reflect on what it is about these spaces that makes them so beautiful:

1. building personal (and in person) connections with new people and seeing old friends
2. performing in intimate spaces (with friends, family, food and cozy seating)
3. getting to have conversations about watercolors, music and the need for self care and healthy self expression
4. meeting fellow creators, community builders and art lovers in various parts of the world

I have been thinking about ways to cultivate/ step into these beautiful spaces more, similar to the reflection I talked about before- what spaces do I want my art to exist in and what do I want it to do in those spaces. After this busy week of performing, connecting with many new friends, vending, teaching workshops and releasing new works, I've learned that a beautiful way to combine all these elements is through intimate performances filled with art, music and community. Not just in Philly, but on a tour! 

I started hosting house concerts at my house last year and they are always such a beautiful time. I love getting to connect the amazing music of my musical friends with art lovers, building support for artists to keep doing what they do. I love that house concerts fill my house with great energy and are place where people can talk, connect, sit back and get cozy to enjoy music. The good energy lasts much longer than the concert. That being said...
I've decided to book a TOUR bringing music, watercolors, stories of adventure and wonderful energy to your part of the world.

I just need to know where to go.. :) 

I would love your help in getting connected with locations for House Concerts/ Watercolor Workshops. If you would like to invite friends over for a beautiful night of music and color, let's talk! If you know a friend who might be interested in hosting, feel free to connect me.

If you are interested in learning about/ hosting a House Concert, click here:

Hosting a House Concert
If you are interested in learning about/ hosting a Watercolor Workshop, click here:
Hosting a Watercolor Workshop
Not sure what a House Concert or Watercolor Workshop entails? Click here for more info!
Ah! IDK.. Tell Me More!
I have toured in Switzerland playing many house shows through a network of friends but have not yet toured the intimate spaces of the US. I am excited to experience new parts of the world, meet new people, see friends and observe how these experiences and inspirations make their way into my music and watercolors. I look forward to coming to visit YOU on this adventure!


*If you aren't sure about hosting but know a friend who is a hoster with the moster (non-female gendered version of that phrase), please feel free to connect me! You can send them my email at booking@vessnascheff.com or respond to this email with their contact info to start the conversation.

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