When I first started painting, I had never taken an art class or even drawn much. I wasn't one of those kids who drew up drawing and painting. Art for me has been a new development. Something I'm still getting used to.
It all started with my musical beyondmate David Colon. When we sang together, our harmonies just wrapped you up and held you close. It was like a third voice. Just completely enveloping and powerful. We recorded a live set from a show we played in San Francisco where a bunch of friends came to support. It was a magical night. We decided to use this recording for our first live album together. 

I wanted a watercolor portrait of me and David as the album cover to capture the nuances of our harmonies, our connection with natural elements such as water and to convey the passion and power behind our music. I asked a few friends who were artists to paint it for me but of course, they were very busy with lots of projects (we were in school at the time). So I thought, well, I might as well give it a shot, at least until they have time to get to it. Once I started playing with watercolors, I fell in love. Just any mark on a page with watercolor looks amazing haha. I fell in love with the details, the textures, the nuances and the aliveness that comes with watercolor. They are different from other mediums because they move on their own. The water creates it's own painting inside (and sometimes outside) of your brush marks. In learning to paint, I realized that:

1. i wasn't "ready" at all in the traditional sense to paint a portrait. I had never studied art or attempted it much growing up.
2. i was really in love with the idea of having a watercolor portrait for the album cover.
3. i didn't let either of those reason stop me from trying.

Here's how it turned out:


After making this, I felt encouraged to keep painting. This was hard and took a lot of patience, but it was also extremely rewarding to do the thing that I had really wanted to do. 
In approaching new things, I sometimes find myself discrediting my ability- that I am not ready, or skilled enough, or talented enough, or pretty much you name it, ______ enough. This list goes on.

I am working on overcoming these often absolutely pointless concerns by worrying less about the end goal and just doing. Seeing what happens! The worst that could happen in my case is I would totally fail and never show anyone except my roommate at the time Brooke who saw it all. Haha. And she was extremely supportive the whole time and still is! Through trying, I realized that I am capable of doing stuff I've never done before. Once I started, I fell in love with the process and cared less about the end result because I was learning so much in the meantime.

Had I never started, I would never have learned how to actually do the thing I wanted to do.

Instead of simply planning for the right conditions or an immeasurable level of readiness, I am working on saying, "today's the day."

In celebration of today being the day to start something you been really wanting to do, I am giving away the above pictured Salt & Sage album with every online order! Not only is it my first album cover but the CD is a live recording of a show David & I played in San Francisco with powerful vocal harmonies (just thinking about them gives me chills), all original songs and amazing atmosphere including banter form the stage. It feels like you are there :) We have each grown a lot since releasing this- and learned a lot about recording in the meantime haha- but it's a wonderful memento of where we began as a group and where I began as a watercolor artist.

It is also the last day of my Spring sale for 25% OFF all online pieces (in my SHOP or on Instagram). Enter thankthewinter at checkout to receive 25% OFF your order and for today, Friday, April 13th a free copy of my first watercolor portrait and album with Salt & Sage!

Thank you for all your love and support throughout this journey and I am excited to continuing growing together!

To today.

Vessna Scheff