Hi friends and family!

Hope you are staying cozy as the weather gets low this winter. Despite the cold, I have been going on runs in the Wissahickon- a big park in Philly filled with nature doing its thing. Spending time in the sun light especially in the winter has been important for me. Being out in nature also helps to clam and quiet my mind. Some things I think about while in the woods are how trees are perfectly content (or seemingly so) staying in one place their whole lives. There aren't lists of things to do or places to see.. They move slowly through the world around them and react to what happens. Same with rivers. They flow and carve their path through the world, always reacting yet always growing. Aside from the physical activity of being outdoors, these moments of refection in nature help me reflect on what is important and calmly engage with change. 

Another thing that has kept me grounded this winter is cooking. In particular, learning about vegan food. There are so many ways to create delicious flavor without milk, butter or cheese. Exploring the complexity of flavors available has given me new appreciation for preparing food. There is such an art to it. (A friend recommended we watch "Jiro Dreams Of Sushi" on Netflix. It beautifully tells the story of a famous sushi chef, his rituals around creating, his dreams of flavors combining and dancing off the plate into the tasters mouth. His process is not complicated he says, it just takes diligence to do what you know will impact the taste. I highly recommend!)


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