Hello Friends and Family!

Hope this finds you happily enjoying the HEAT! And/ or avoiding it by jumping in bodies of water, chasing waterfalls, drinking bodies of water in glasses with ice and laying on the floor where it’s cool. Bodies of water become all the more appealing when it’s warm out. Through my practice, I have been challenged in creating marks that feel free and look “natural”, like water. Its hard to say what looks “natural” but there is a feeling I get when I look at marks that feel as natural as those found in bodies of water- fluid textures with movement that are intriguing, refreshing and in motion. I’ve made marks that either feel fluid and “natural” or rigid, controlled and forced. This is one reason why pallets often look so beautiful. They are FULL of natural, fluid marks with disregard for structure. In doing so, they tell a story. They show the process of color selection and brush choices in a collection of artistic decisions. Here’s a picture of my palate from this week:

B-E-A-Utiful right?! haha. It feels so easy to create something powerful when you stop trying to create something powerful. (Maybe that’s a sign to trust our power instead of question it?) As I play more with watercolors, they have become a metaphor for me for the power of nature present within each of us. I have been applying for grants, residencies, curated shows and other artist opportunities, and in doing so, I have written A LOT about my process, thoughts, choices and ideas which inspire the art i create. Here are some of the words that have flowed:
It only takes one time of getting tumbled by the waves to recognize the immense power of nature- when you're not sure which way is up as you are kicking your legs through the current to get your feet on the sand and head to the surface. Nature exists outside of our use/ enjoyment of it- it persists. These pieces are a series of reactions to water on the page, much in the same way we react to the currents of motion in water and in society. Through these interactions, we establish our relationship with nature.In some ways, nature is treated similarly to marginalized populations- used as an unlimited resource (labor) and treated as disposable. Through my work, I highlight natural textures of water inspired by the movement of bodies water and patterns of nature to show how it exists beyond our control, in the same that marginalized populations exists outside of colonization and exploitation, as full human beings.
There is immense power and beauty that exists in nature and inside each of us. In order to evolve from ocean creatures, we developed a way to carry salt in our bodies. We are bodies of water capable of creating waves of change.
These most recent visual pieces are reminiscent of music notation to me. They "sound" like mallets dancing along a glockenspiel, deep, resonate bass tones, layered vocal chords and swelling powerful sound wavz ;) Above is a sneak peak to a new single I am in the process of recording, reflecting what I hear when I look at these new works. 

I am planning to record a music video for this which shows my artist process combining behind the scenes of my artistic process -visual arts and music- and shows how they flow together <3

Below are a couple more in the series. Dive into these little pools of sound and color and feel free to share what you hear!


Vessna Scheff