Hello friends and family,

Welcome to my BLOG!

I'm happy to be posting from Philly where I recently relocated and am LOVING it. There are so many talented and creative individuals here who are down to earth and down to collaborate. The amount of support and love that I have received for pursuing music and painting whether online or in person has been so heart filling.

THANK YOU to all my friends and family who have provided a space for me to/ stay live, store art things, discussed art and music, asked to participate in shows, encouraged me to play songs or share paintings that I'm working on-- all of those things contribute to having the ability and confidence to purse art and music. Thank you to all the behind the scenes heroines and heroes of 9-5ers and any "early to laters" whose jobs are extremely challenging in different ways and who make the world go round while artists work to bring expression and light the various issues we all face. As one of my most impactful professors said at the end of our final course, "I hope you leave with the courage to act on your convictions."- Duncan Andrade. THANK YOU.

Things that you can expect to hear about/ see on this blog are various travel adventures (some big things are happening in June...!), new music, sketches, live performances, music videos, paintings, shows, etc. Looking forward to sharing the adventures with you. Please feel free to share and comment on things you feel compelled by!

Happy travels to wherever you wander today!
Let's go :)

Vessna Scheff