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Happy Fall friends and family! 

(I know it's been fall for a min already haha but it still applies)! This is my FAVORITE season of the year. Oh the layers... In the fall, I have the urge to share delicious hot home cooked meals, invite friends over to play games and music, and just be grateful for the coziness of being indoors. It is also a beautiful time to go hiking before the chill of winter sets in, while the air is fresh and crisp. These are the things on my mind this time of year. 

With that, I have a special collection that I have been keeping on the DL.. One that represents my connection to nature in a style that most clearly speaks to what I seek as a visual artist.

Living in the city, I find myself looking down often. Buildings surround the view most of the time. In these moments of looking down, I get wrapped up in mulling over thoughts, forgetting to take deep breaths and step out of my emotions to see things more clearly. I find that I forget to simply look up and breathe. Something about having four walls (or buildings) around me all the time does that I think. Despite this, even between rows of buildings, the sky is vast and clear, nothing impeding the wind that rushes through clearing the air. When I look up, I remember to inhale and breath. I remember that my emotions are part of something larger and I don't have to be sweet up by them. They can just be carried by the breeze. Looking up, I am reminded of just being without doing or rushing or going. Just being. 

This special collection titled "Breath + Space" is reminiscent of looking up, and remembering the feeling of openness reflected in vast spaces. This combination of textures and the feeling I get in these places feels perfectly captured by these pieces. 
There are just 10 pieces in this limited collection.
All originals.
All 6x9 in.
$40 each.
They are simple, beautiful and full of breath. 
I am excited to share them with you. 

"Breath + Space"

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