making water taste good
Hi friends and family!

Hope this finds you wrapping up a good week and ready for the indescribable joy of the weekend. *cue all the greatest love songs to describe this feeling.* Here's one if you need to get in the mood: Etta James - "At Last" ;)

As I have been exercising more, I have noticed a few things:
1. water tastes SUPER good after sweating a lot
2. reading while on the elliptical makes the time go by much faster
3. a lot of my interactions with water reflect the feelings I get when I paint

Story time: When I workout, I sweat a lot. It feels like I sweat the most out of everyone who isn't wearing a jacket while working out (also, how do people do that?? I'd be swimming and running at the same time! haha). To get to a point where I break a sweat, I crank up the resistance and incline on my machine from the start. My idea is to make this challenge the norm for my body as soon as possible. This way I don't have time to talk myself out of increasing the intensity.

To sustain the intensity of movement, I distract myself by reading while elipitcalling (that's the verb for being on the elliptical..). I started with listening to podcasts, trying to focus on the stories they were telling so as to not focus on the amount of time or intensity of my exercise. While listening to podcasts, I found my self staring at treadmill runners feet. (The treadmills are in two rows in front of the elliptical machines at my gym so they are in perfect view). I began noticing that my eyes would come to rest on the runners' feet. I think I like that they appear to be moving forward, like they are going somewhere. As stationary as they appear to be while exercising, they are moving a lot of things inside their bodies. Watching their shoes somehow feels like they are not only moving physically, but moving forward emotionally if that makes sense? haha. 
I also noticed some of the runners reading while they ran! These are people on the treadmills in a full out sprint while reading a magazine... #exercisegoals haha. I hadn't even considered reading on a treadmill as an option. So I brought the book I'm currently reading to the gym which I really like called "Talk Like Ted." It shares insight to the very effective public speaking strategies used by the most popular TED talk speakers. It's SUPER interesting! I started reading this while I was elipticalling. 

I found it wasn't that difficult to read and run at the same time (I am privileged in that I don't get motion sickness easily), and I actually checked the time less because I was throughly engaged with what I was reading. 40 mins goes by quickly when reading a good book.

Being enthralled in my book makes working out for a longer period of time much easier. This brings me back to sweating. By working out longer, I sweat even more, which makes me extra thirsty when my workout is over. Now to the water. 
Water tastes inarguably satisfying after exercising, similar to the feelings I get when I dive into my paintings. 
Think about the last time you were really thirsty. Like mouth dry, swallowing just to keep your throat occupied until you can drink, the sun beaming through the sweat dripping down your forehead. (This may be a little graphic but trust I’m going somewhere with it). Finally, after all your movement, walking through the sun, running across the field on a hot, dry summer day, you finally get to take a sip of water. The moment the refreshingly cool water floods through your mouth, the water bottle is nearly 3/4 of the way empty because that’s how thirsty you were. As the water rivers through you body, you feel replenished. (What a beautiful word right? haha. It’s exactly the feeling). Like a sponge that was dried out and filled with water expands to it’s full size. You regain your posture, you can open your eyes, you can think more clearly and focus, and breathe more fully. 
Water is powerful.

Apply that same sense of sensation of drinking the perfect cup of water to running into the ocean or jumping into a pool on a hot day. At first your body is like “Holy crap!! It’s freezing!! Retreat, RETREAT!!”, then you get a huge *spine shiver*. After a few minutes however, your body temperature adjusts and it starts to feel kinda cool. Not yet comfortable, but manageable. Then you start plopping on your back, remembering that you can float in water unlike any other time in life, and with some splashing around, it feels really good. Compared to the heat, it feels like your skin is taking a sip (aka a dip.. ;).
The beautiful thing about water is that it holds the same properties when it’s in a water bottle, as to when you are extremely thirsty, as to when you run into the ocean, as to when you dip into a lake or jump into a pool. All of these replenishing feelings of floating awe, breath held wonder, flooding curiosity, and tidal appreciation that come up when I interact with water, I also see and feel when I paint. 

All of these words are an attempt to convey the weight of beauty, power, satiation, vastness and letting go I feel when painting with watercolors. These interactions we have with water on a daily basis are as powerful as the vastness of the ocean, and energetic as the tide and as intimate and extraordinary as one drop of water. One drop of water from a water bottle is not entirely different from a drop of water in the ocean or a drop of water in our bodies. (Plus if water is powerful in all of these ways, and we are mostly water… just saying ;)

I call this sensation “The Power of One Drop.” It’s my made up name for how incredible it is to stare at watercolors. One of my favorite ways to experience and share this feeling is through “flying” over my watercolor on wood pieces. I “fly” my camera over a piece, showing the way water shapes the surface of the painting. It doesn’t feel like you are looking at a painting. It feels like you are flying over oceans, islands and rivers, following streams through forests and jumping into clear, turquoise waters. Do you like to travel? Let's go on an all expenses paid trip over this piece "Splashed". Ready?

Tap to travel over "Splashed". Let's go!
I love traveling and of flying over these pieces. Hence why I stare at them all day. haha. These to me are like the taste of water when you are really thirsty, jumping into a pool on a hot day, feeling the wonder of oceans even in the city; and reminders that we are salt water beings- literally ocean like bodies of water wandering around together.

To the power of one drop.


Vessna Scheff