Hello friends and family,

I hope this finds you enjoying our tropical Fall that we seem to be having. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, Fall is a time in which I reflect. I have been reflecting recently on what the release of my collection WAVZ means to me. Most of the collection is composed of these little journal pages mounted on wood. Most of them were made by book light before falling asleep. Because of their intimate creation, they feel very honest, vulnerable and open. Like pages from a diary. They are little pages of my heart and thoughts composed into meaningful marks and movements held by natural textures. (That's exactly how I like to imagine my thoughts flowing and looking :). There are a few intimate moments that I have been thinking about recently that I wanted to dive into and share with you:

"i am enough" :: This is a concept I am working internalizing and accepting. There are moments where I don't even realize that I am critiquing myself and it impacts how I move about the world from my posture to whether or not I reach out to someone to build a new friendship. I am working on catching myself when I engage in negative self talk. Just acknowledging when it happens helps to detangle my self worth from the thought. 
"i am enough"


"making space" :: There once was a wise being and a student. The student came to the wise being seeking relief from stress. The wise being instructed the student to collect a handful of salt and a cup of water. The student went out to collect the materials and returned. The wise being instructed the student to pour the handful of salt into the cup of water and take a sip. The student followed instructions and took a sip from the cup only to spit it out and exclaim how salty it was! The wise being then instructed the student to collect another handful of salt and accompany them up to a lake high in the mountains. The wise being instructed the student to throw the handful of salt into the vast lake then take a sip from the lake. The student knelt to drink and reveled in how fresh the water tasted. "Sooo.. what's your point?" the student asked..

Making space for emotions let's them coexist within you. It is okay to feel stress but let it be felt along with your other emotions. Give it room to be and breathe. And then you won't feel as salty about it ;) 
"making space"


[That was a story I heard once, retold in my own words and with my own flare of non-gendered characters and added conversational speech ;]

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To being bold in your heart and brave in your words.

Vessna Scheff