It was a pleasure to connect with so many empowering women in business at the Wharton School of Impact's event for mindful investing towards social change. As a hard working, scrappy business owner and artist advocating for social change, it was an honor to perform and meet people excited to support women, people of color and social change through investment. 

While discussing this important message with folks after the performance, I was asked many times, "What can I do to support you?" 

I am excited to be part of the conversation on how to support women business owners and social change through investment. After talking with peers and collaborators, I have compiled a list of direct actions that will support business woman, POC's and artists like myself. In bold are actions that would benefit women and POC; below each action are details on how I specifically would engage with these opportunities. Please engage with and pass this list along to those who are interested in this conversation and would like to support. Ways in which it would be incredible to receive support are:

- Performance opportunities: Do you have events coming up that you are looking to book a performance for? 
My performance team and I are ready and excited to travel. Feel free to think outside of the box for this. The themes of my art focus on self development and empowerment and I love discovering how that message fits into all discussions. Contact me via to bounce around ideas for a performance. 

- Workshops, Speaking Opportunities and Panel Discussions: Do you have events coming up that you are looking to engage your audience through self empowerment based workshops, presentations or panel discussions?
With a background in Sociology and Education, I have developed a teaching method called "The Confidence Curriculum." These workshops are designed for people who do not consider themselves artists- to challenge how we think about ourselves, expand what we think we are capable of, so we may feel empowered to the challenges that we face personally and socially. Adults in particular experience a personal revival of play, confidence and creativity in this workshop- it's a really fun way to bring color, creativity and stimulated focus to an event.

- Watercolor on Wood Install Locations: Do you have locations or connections (museums, galleries, real-estate agents who stage homes, set designers, your home, friend's homes, work spaces, hotels, restaurants, cafes) that could benefit from large scale, powerful, stunning natural textures of water and wood? 
The power of my art comes from the freedom that I and others feel through it. as I mentioned during the show, my art has been described as the thing you are looking for in a landscape- the pure beauty of nature- without the landscape. I paint the beauty of nature by highlighting the natural textures of water and wood. 

 - Connections to Business Support and Artist Development: Do you or someone you know have expertise in accounting, marketing strategy, licensing, branding, website design or social media that would be interested in meeting with me over tea/ coffee or the phone to discuss how to create sustainable and mindful business practices?
I currently meet with a business coach who supports me in business organization and exposure. I am looking to learn more about how to expand the scope and operation of my art as a sustainable, social justice oriented business that provides to the community while being self supporting. As a hard working, scrappy business woman, I eat learning up. 

- Distribution, Promotion and Representation: Are you or someone you know connected with an artist label or music distributer? 
T.V. shows and movies are a great way for artists to gain exposure and earn passive income. This combines my message with other forms of visual art that would deepen it's power and impact. My music is currently available for streaming and purchase via Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. Please spread the sounds!

- Daily Operations Support via Patreon: Are you interested in contributing directly to my artistic process and business operations? 
Patron is a platform for independent artists to connect directly with financial supporters of any amount. Your contribution goes towards supporting meeting with my business coach, purchasing materials, creating music videos and studio recording costs. This is a very helpful way to support me on a day-to-day basis as I continue to make art and pursue opportunities. Please take a look around my Patreon page, there are beautiful gifts that I offer as a thank you for your investment.

- Opening for Laura Mvula: Just gonna keep putting this out into the universe :D Are you or someone you know connected with Laura Mvula, her booking manager or know of a performance where she is in need of an opening act?
I would LOVE to open a show for Laura Mvula- an incredible performing artist, composer and song writer. Her songs speak on empowerment, self love, personal development!! We might be soul creators <3 Check out one of my favorite songs of hers: OVERCOME.

Investing in our future: 
I am co-founder of a mentoring program called Aspiring Young Artists. We pair local artists mentors (my producer Lee Clarke was a mentor last year) with high school students to write and record their original song. We began at one school and have expanded to one new school each year. We are in year 3 and adding a third school. We are currently fundraising for a Spring 2018 start for our program. Hear students talk about how Aspiring Young Artists helped them grow and develop on our GoFundMe page

Thank you for engaging in this conversation with me and I look forward to connecting and continuing to support each other!
To empowerment through collaboration,

Vessna Scheff