-- Song to vibe to while reading: Moses Sumney // "Worth It"  --

“Out of all the places that you could be, thank you for being here.” -- Said by every human I’ve met who encourages us to be present. Thank you for those words and to you for being here reading this.
“Life is a huge experiment. If you don’t understand that it becomes very awkward..” :) A friend of mine said this in a wonder-full dinner of topics and conversation the other night. This has been a sentiment my Dad and I share often and that I recently found echoed in this amazing book called You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (I'm stoked to share more on that in the future). In reading that book and other writings by authors I vibe with, such an Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I have been encouraged to write and put my thoughts out into the world.. and take the pressure off of how they come out. Like with singing, it feels good to share and be heard. On that note, I’d now like to experiment a little with being brave…
Are you vibing to Moses Sumney yet? :) Let's do this!

More and more, I find myself in conversations with incredibly beautiful and dynamic people. We get lost (and eventually found) talking about whatever comes to mind. We build knowledge from a collection of experiences and observations, bringing it together into a single line that is so on point in capturing the sentiment. I’ve participated in these conversations with most people who are part of this digital snail mail list, which is why we remain connected. 
I find myself being re-inspired by these conversations and bringing them up again years later.
Echo #1 :: I was recently re-inspired by a friend from a conversation we had 5 years ago. At the time, he casually mentioned waking up early (we’re talking 5 am, before the sun and the birds) to take his pup for a hike in a canyon that he lived near. -- Whoot for taking full advantage of the beauty that’s around. -- It means something different to wake up for you. Being re-inspired by this sentiment recently, I’ve been waking up for me, even if it’s just a few moments. So far, it’s helped me be more fully available to others and present in my interactions.
So literally, something you barely remember saying 5 years ago- a story or sentence or the mischievous look you flashed someone- is likely resonating very deeply with someone right now. We leave lasting impacts on each other no matter how brief our interactions. If you ask a physicist, they’ll tell you that everything has a frequency- it’s vibrating. Even the things that look the most still, like granite rock. Every thing has energy to it and we continue to respond to that energy consciously or subconsciously. In sum, you leave echoes wherever you go..
Echo #2 :: A friend once described their approach to conversation as, each person you meet has something of the utmost value to share with you. There are countless conversations where I feel like together we have developed a new way of thinking about things that has blown my mind and worldview. 

Here is the exciting part (aka the point) of this mind wandering: I’d like to share those moments with you right here, and continue building those realizations together by hearing your thoughts- what conversations (or totally unintentional eves dropping ;) have you been part of recently that has blown your mind or made you think/ wonder/ wander around your brain?
Something you may be thinking is.. hmm interesting, okay yes cool idea! I definitely have experiences I’d like to share and topics I like to contemplate! BUT I know myself and I don’t ever actually hit "reply" to things like this even though I'm soooo with you in thought!!.. 
Well, I hear ya! Part of my personal hesitation to do this through email has been feeling awkward about being vulnerable through technology. Similar to you being a human being, I am big on eye contact and reading facial expressions and there’s none of that here to process how you’re doing. There’s no encouraging head nods or “mhmm”s to inspire either of us to keep going. I have no idea how you feel about what’s happening and it’s sometimes hard to feel like it’s a two way street. It’s a suspended jump feeling of vulnerability, just like in cartoons...
I’ve been bringing up this discomfort with friends and family to get a feel for how other people handle it. How do they express such personal sentiments using technology? In those wanderings, I came across some examples of people I know that are doing this oh so beauty-fully and I am excited to be inspired by what they have to share!
Echo #3 :: Humans who wonderfully express the potential for human connection using technology:
David Colón :: Enjoy wandering through the minds of others in his hilarious and thoughtful podcast fittingly called Behind the Mynd
Amy Childs :: Slip into "an inside-out view of being human," through conversations on various topics in her podcast
They, along with many others which I will share in the future, have helped me recognize what I want my relationship with technology to look like. Technology is a tool to be used how we want. I love that these humans put their whole self forward (through technology and also in life) and encourage others to do the same. It’s not only their approach to technology but it’s how they approach life. Heart first <3  
With that, I’ve realized that this digital letter situation we’re both in right now, would be a lovely place to continuing sharing these amazing sentiments that have developed from in person conversations and BONUS: would be a great place to hear what kinds of things you’ve been contemplating, stoked to realize or echoes that you’ve felt from interactions with people and your adventures in the world! I would love to resonate sentiments that inspire us, to develop ideas and be active participants in wandering and wondering about the world.
In spreading the encouragement to put your whole self in this life hokey-pokey, I’m gonna pop the question: What sentiments --big or small-- have echoed with you recently? I’d love to hear about stories, books, songs, quotes, fleeting moments, mind wanderings and personal growth ideas you have been mulling over and working on. And if you'd like, I'd love to anonymously share them again through this virtual collective pen pal we've got going on to spread the inspiration. 
Now to address the elephant in the room, which is that little clickable text below here that looks like this:
… cricket ... cricket …
It’s totally terrifying and I get that completely. Just want to draw our eyes to it, give it a cool, calm and collected “sup?” head nod and say that when you feel inspired and want to experiment with me in being brave, it’ll be right there :)
Here’s to being bold, brave and ruthless in our curiosity to experiment,

Vessna Scheff