Hi friends and family,
Hope this finds you enjoying this beautiful weather today! It's finally full on Spring! Wahoo! 

I have been thinking a lot about what my goal is with creating art (for performing, painting and teaching). I feel like I have been running around trying different things to to find things that "work." I think this running around for me was caused for a number of reasons:

1. social media- everyone is doing everything all the time via the little window of your phone and it feels like simply standing still just isn't enough sometimes. 
2. consuming information- when I get into an idea, I chow down on it. I listen to a million podcasts on the topic, I talk about it with friends and family. It feels like the more I can take in on this subject, the better I'll be at it. 

I was gifted a moment to sit still and talk with a friend in a waiting room the other day. We talked about the challenge of technology and social media. How it disconnects us from the things that are really important. I've had this conversation a many times (I think we all have as we navigate this relatively new territory as a society). After conversations like these, I will often think differently for a little bit, applying what we talked about to the days to follow. 

In this case, I happened to reflect on my month after talking with her. I wrote down (via prompts in my Passions Planner) a reflection on how the month had gone. In doing so, I realized I have been neglecting to focus on the things I really want.

Things I realized I want to focus on:
1. interacting in person with people
2. supporting others in developing a creative practice (aka getting out of your own way to just go for the stuff you want)
3. getting into nature! 

These things have been underlying my practice the whole time but in all the overload of information on social media, and learning about entrepreneurship,  I felt I got distracted from those goals. 

Reflecting was an important part of this realization. I have heard people talk about the importance of meditation and writing but haven't fully absorbed how those practices are helpful. (Going out into nature can often be my place of reflection. However, when I am not able to make it out into nature, I have to create moments to reflect in other ways). I'm looking forward to incorporating reflection in some way into my practice so that I can put this information overload into perspective, and spend time with the people, places and things that are most important to me. 

With my refocus on connecting with people, I've written up a description page for my philosophy behind teaching watercolor workshops. I have loved getting to know people in this supportive community space, working through the feelings of "I am not an artist. Good luck teaching me anything related to art," which is literally what students have said to me. haha. Fun fact: I developed my curriculum teaching art in a middle school... i got you. By the end, participants are boldly making marks on the page (this is huge!) and sharing the unique techniques they each discovered in painting with their watercolors.
What's a Workshop Look Like?
For each workshop, all materials are provided and my partner makes an amazing vegan meal. The whole room is filled with creative exploration, laughter, delicious aromas of sautéing veggies and art making! That being said, I've been dreaming up topics for future workshops and am putting together a calendar for 2018 workshops! ... AHHHH!! (lol that's mostly for the amount of work I have to do) but I'm excited to be focusing on what's important to me- bringing people together to share community and support our creative adventures.

*I'm working on the nature part also. I have plants but I would love to take this workshop out into nature and get our inspiration from what surrounds us! When I taught middle school, I organized outside art days where we would take our sketchbooks outside and draw our surroundings as we walked. I wanna do this with everyone. Stay tuned for outside workshops!

Sending creative vibes your way and look forward to connecting with you in person soon!


Vessna Scheff