This artistic, curly-haired Philadelphian uses her ukulele and her gentle voice as vessels for her poignant songs, the effect of which is like sinking slowly into an old hammock–endlessly inviting, but move too fast and the magic might break around you. The chanteuse is expanding both her reach and her repertoire... The point is this–if you’re looking for new creative energies to celebrate, it would be hard to do better than Vessna Scheff.”
— Why Aren’t You Listening To: Vessna Scheff // Breanna Perry

In the studio w/ Vessna Scheff: Philadelphia, PA

"you carved my love" :: about how past relationships shape your idea of love

original by Vessna Scheff

In the studio at Glen Foerd w/ artist in residence Vessna Scheff

"echoes" :: about how the people you meet leave an impact on who you are and who you become

original by Vessna Scheff

In the studio w/ Vessna Scheff: Philadelphia, PA

"coming home" :: about the feeling you get coming home to a special someone..

original by Vessna Scheff

Live Session: Lucerne, Switzerland

Koofreh Umoren - Director
Vessna Scheff - Editor

"Walk On By" cover by Vessna Scheff and Koof Ibi

Live Alley Recording: Aarhus, Denmark

Filming and editing by Bruno Grilo 
"all over you" original by Vessna Scheff.

Time Bar Open Mic: Philadelphia, PA

Time Bar on Tuesday night is always an awesome evening of good people and good music. My friend David Stipo and I performed Georgia On My Mind. Here it is.. love.