Hi. Out of all the places you could be, thanks for being here.

My name is Vessna Scheff. I am an artist based in Philadelphia, PA.

Through my art, I reclaim who I am, what I have to say, and how I want to say it. Art, has always been my space of freedom. I was quiet growing up but learned that I could be much louder through singing. Singing allowed me to step into my voice - my power - and to encourage others to live boldly, challenge structures, and create experiences that challenge our fears, craft our freedom and nurture our empowerment.

Through the delicate and bold power of water, I paint emotive abstract and portrait pieces which depict the power of people and nature. We are all bodies of water and together, we create waves of change. 

Look and listen for a taste- a song about being bold in your decisions despite what others might pressure you to believe. 
You got this:: Good By Me


ps. I love making easy vegan recipes --> send some my way!

** Vessna Scheff has performed sold out performances at notable venues such The Barnes Foundation, The Fillmore, Johnny Brenda's, Boot & Saddle and opened for acts such as Bruno Major. She has toured throughout Switzerland and bi-coastally memorized audiences in the U.S. with haunting plucks of the uke paired with astonishing vocal control and songwriting.